As you see I am Jim waiting on Jesus. I am retired 68 yrs old and filled with God’s Holy Spirit.
I have lived through joy and pain, all of which combine to make my journey. My journey no doubt had been very much like others and may not mean a great deal to others but nevertheless it is my journey. Each experience has been rewarding and insightful, maybe not at the time but in time.
On Nov 8, 1971 I bowed at the altar in a small church and repented of my sin and asked Jesus to come into my life and save me—- and He did! This was absolutely amazing, knowing who and what I was and what God was about to make of me! Out of the darkness into the Light! Nothing I did but everything He did and continues to do!
I am waiting on Jesus in every situation of life as well as the return of my Lord and SAVIOUR at the latter day!
This blog will be about the journey both mine, others and His! Come and join me in looking at and seeing Him who is invisible!