Sometimes our focus on understanding is a one way street. Being able to voice an opinion or ideology should always be respected even if we do not agree. When the loss of respect enters then the game rules change! Just remember others may not agree with us but we must do what we know to be right! Jesus went to the cross despite warnings of death but He went and died for us all. It would be a shame if in knowing this one would fail to love and follow Him!
Jim waiting on Jesus!

Matt Miklic

Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell, as of Thursday, has opted to no longer perform any kind of marriage at his office.

He said the decision was largely related to an increasing work load within the Probate Office, but acknowledged that he’s “morally opposed” to same-sex marriage.

Russell, who has been the county’s Probate Judge for five years, said he’s committed to conducting one more marriage — a heterosexual marriage to a former county employee — but, after that, he’s done.

When I was 17, I got my first job that didn’t involve fast food, as a technology assistant in the central office of the Baldwin County Board of Education. The job was a new one they’d created for a high school student who had shown promise in computer science. It seemed glamorous to me at the time, but in reality it was a way to find someone…

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