An old saying that I have heard for 50 years or more. When someone will ask me a question that I know is sparked from their curiosity I simply answer by sayin, ” Curiosity Killed The Cat! ”
Curiosity is clearly a positive or negative result that we have on a daily basis.
Let me provide you with a brief example.
A very small statured man
, named Zacchaeus, who lived in Jericho awoke suddenly one morning and his curiosity was working in his heart and he said he was going to see a man that many had talked about for quite sometime. This man was JESUS who had been accused of performing some strange acts where people were healed and peoples’ lives were changed.
Zacchaeus made his way to the street where Jesus would pass by but because of his small stature he could not see over the ones already gathered along the way. Therefore , small Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree and positioned himself directly over the street where he could easily observe Jesus passing by.
When this man, Jesus, came to the spot directly beneath Zacchaeus in the street Jesus stopped and looked up and said, ” Zacchaeus come down immediately I must stay at your house today!”
Zacchaeus came down immediately and all at once his heart was troubled with the terrible deeds he had done in being a noble tax collector.
Zacchaeus said ” Lord, Lord, Lord now I will give half of my possessions to the poor and if I have cheated anybody out of anything I will pay back four times the amount.”
Jesus said to Zacchaeus, ” Today Salvation has come to this house because this man, too , is a son of Abraham! For the Son of Man, ( Jesus) came to save that which was lost!”
Our daily journey is an experience that makes it possible to satisfy our curiosity whether the results are good or bad. We are all like Zaccheaus in many ways especially when it comes to curiosity about our own Salvation.
What about your life? Aren’t you like Zaccheaus having a curiosity about this man named Jesus? What would you do if you knew He would pass by you way? Think about it?
Jim waiting on Jesus’